Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My Latest Layout in yonks!!!!

I really enjoyed doing this layout. I entered into the Scrapbook Studio layout competition for March and I really wanted to do something with this cool photo.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love my camera

This weekend the girls and I decided to do an extreme makeover on each other. They straightened my head and did my nails and NO I'm not showing you the photos because I still look like an old hag LOL, but I had to share their photos. OMG, they are gorgeous. I just love my camera and photography..........I'll have to scrap these!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New Members in our Family

Well I haven't posted for a very very long time. Time has gone so fast. I've been so busy with our business, I just haven't had the time or energy to do anything other than work and look after the kids and their needs. Pathetic aren't I. Anyway in the weekend Aimee and Kristie finally got their birthday presents. They have been waiting for such a long time. The idea of having a pet was thanks to Lisa who got her kids 7 mice (LOL). Aimee so desperately wanted a pet and I said "no" to the mice thing. Anyway I said maybe mini-lop rabbits, well they have been so excited every since. So heres our 2 new little girls (Ellie Taurence) Kristies babe and (Shila Mienz Taurence) Aimees babe. They are just so darn cute and talk about personalities. They are just such characters. Anyway I will try and post again more often, just in case someone is still reading this blog LOL!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Finally did a layout & Farewell Nana xxooxx

Thought that I better update my blog. Haven't written here for agers. I was at Lisas shop and she has got so many fantastic new products. I brought this cool printable paper from Prima Marketing. You can do so many cool things with this paper. You can chalk them, paint them, colour etc. You have to have a go!! Anyway Aimee was happy because I finally got her scrapbooking page done!!! LOL.

On a sadder note. I had to mention that my Nana died a few weeks back. What an amazing woman she was, and a bit of a character she was. She had an amazing sense of humour and just was there for everyone, especially if they needed to be picked up or dropped off at the airport. We are going to miss her so very very much. I absolutely loved the poem that was given to us at her funeral, just perfect. Love you always Nana xxooxx.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Aimee's Prom

Well I can't believe it. Aimee had her very first Prom last night. This is the first year that her intermediate have held a prom for the year 8 students. One boy arrived in a limo, everyone was dress to the hilt. The boys hired tucks. I was so proud of my baby. She looks so beautiful and all grown up. Excuse the unpainted walls in the background, still renovating LOL!!!

I went to Lisas the other night and Scrapbook Studio had a cyber scrap night and one of the challenges was to use a sketch. So this is my take on the challenge. I just love these photos. Have managed to do a bit of scrapping lately, just haven't done alot on my blog. Not sure if anyone even looks at it anymore. We are all so busy. Anyway heres another layout I did. An original this time. Hope everyone has a great Christmas.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


This year Kristie asked if she could go trick or treating. Her and her friend wanted to go together. She thought it would be fun if the two younger kids went this year. So a little party evolved LOL!!! Aimee was going with a bunch of her friends and she asked if they could all come here, so alas we had 10 kids. The little ones just went around our street and I couldn't believe the candy that they came back with OMG!!! Heaps!! Everyone in the street seemed to be in the spirit this year. The kids looked great. My trusty old chalks came in handy yet again. The kids had a ball!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Layout Update

Hi there, just thought I would update the old blog with a couple of fresh layouts that I've managed to fit in. Hope everyone had a great school holiday break with the kids. It's all gone so fast, know the little monkeys are back at school again.
Thanks for dropping by if you have :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Competition for Scrapbook Studio

Thought I better update my blog, I know one person that reads it, hi Nanna in Hamilton LOL!!! This competition was using felt, sequence and beads. Just love this photo of Shae. The kids had to dress up as a storybook character.

Well school holidays are here again, so hopefully will be able to fit in a little scrapbooking. Life is just so busy with work. Before you know, it will be Christmas again!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I must be on a roll!!

Well I have just finished my second challenge for Scrapbookstudio!! Must be on a roll! I went to the Friday Night Crop which was heaps of fun! Don't think that I got much Scrapping done, but sure did alot of socializing. Heaps of fun. Thanks girls and a big thanks to Lisa too!! And yet another amazing door prize, lucky Scrapper who won that one. The challenge packs were awesome, just beautiful, my next scrapbooking page to finish, did most of it, just have to add the finishing touches. And yet another prize pack that slipped through my fingers LOL! -

Anyway heres my August Challenge. You had to have a scallop, some fibers and hand or machine sewing. My poor baby, unfortunately he's the brunt on my joke. His find of the year was so funny, I just had to do a page on this one LOL!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Not a good Blogger

I haven't been a very good blogger these days. Life just gets so busy. More plastering and painting. Exciting though, my office is finally done!! Yee Ha!!! I don't feel as if I have had a lot of time to Scrapbook either so it is nice when a layout gets completed.

Anyway Lisa and Lianne from ScrapbookStudio are running another cool competition, so it's a fantastic time to get into the old Scrapbooking again.

Anyway better go, the old GST is a exciting!!!! LOL

Thursday, June 21, 2007

On a Roll!!

What a yucky old day yesterday! We had 2 kids home sick today, so we took off to the doctors and then came home and snuggled into some activities. It's nice to put all the things you are supposed to be doing aside and think buggar it, I want to do something for me for a change, which I think for all of us, doesn't happen very often. Anyway if anyone is still coming to this blog, have a great day!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Almost forgot how to Scrap!!!

Wow it feels so good to put a layout up on my blog again! I've been so busy with the plastering and our landscaping business that I almost forgot how to Scrap LOL!! I just love this photo of my two older girls. They were so excited because for xmas they both got a huge surprise and were told that their pressie was going to Australia for a holiday!!! They did the works, Sea World, Movie World, staying in a wonderful resort, wish I could have gone LOL!!! I even asked my ex hubby if I could travel in his suitcase!!! Anyway had heaps of fun creating this one! Love these little flower buttons and have been wanting to use these Tresure Beadz for agers. And I have been dying to use these beautiful Pheobe Papers from BasicGrey. I made the little bag using paper and eyelets. Good old eyelets, who said their out of date LOL!! I have put a little pull tab with all the girls things that they did on their wonderful trip! Anyway the washing is calling me!!!